Jr. Spa Parties - FAQ

How long does the party take?

Based on the pre-made packages (Princess, Fairy, Movie star & Diva spa party) the party usually lasts 2hrs. If you are building your own party (build-a-SPArty) timing will vary.

What do I need to provide?

We bring everything we need for our party (tables, stools, towels, polish etc), but it's up to you to supply the food (Want a professional cake? Click here!). We also suggest having a movie playing, games or crafts for the children waiting (We offer crafts as an add on! Click here).

How many professionals will be at the party?

Based on the pre-made packages (Princess, Fairy, Movie star & Diva spa party) 1 professional will services the girls. For parties 10 or larger 2 or more professionals may be present.

What is in the loot / gift bags?

The loot bags are age appropriate and are a purse/re-usable material bag filled with note books, pens, pencils, stickers, tattoos, a craft, hair accessories, nail accessories, necklaces, bracelets, candies etc. Lots of goodies! (Loot bag contents may vary from party to party).

How do the girls get their photos?

All photos will be emailed to you after the party. Please be sure to provide a working email address.

What sort of payment is accepted and what is the cancellation policy?

- We accept cash only the day of. For larger parties a deposit may be required and can be done online.

- Parties are a time specially set aside for you and your guests to receive treatments from a certified professional, therefore we ask that you give us AT LEAST 48hrs notice to reschedule or cancel your Party.

- If by any unforeseen circumstances we do not have the appropriate amount of professionals to service your party, we may need to (at your discretion) re-book the party within 24hrs notice.

- Travel fees may apply in certain areas and should be discussed prior to booking.- All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices listed include HST.